Moissanite Rings & Australia

Moissanite is blowing up in popularity for places like Australia. This comes as no surprise to us here at Luxus Moissanite. Many Australians have come to the realization that traditional diamonds are a scam. The price of diamonds is completely artificial, it's just due to monopolies and clever marketing schemes. Also, many diamonds are mined through child labor or worse.

Moissanite is more brilliant, fiery, as hard, and at a fraction of the price. Due to so many orders coming from Australians, we've made a point to mainline our shipping process to Australia. We are also giving unlimited free shipping to this location along with zero tax, that's right, we pay the tax for you, as well as any additional duties taxes. If you begin the checkout process you'll notice no tax added as well as free shipping if live in Australia.

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Can I pay my by plan

Idawati Idawati January 29, 2022

If i order a ring from you how fast can i get it……. i will pay extra ….. i live in Ohio

Jsck olivrr January 29, 2022

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